Execution matters

So Mrs. Goofy is out of town and I was hungry, and wandered into the Wendy’s down the street and was surprised not to be confronted with the electronic kiosk that was there a month ago. Nice. The smiling 16 year old took my order, so I asked for

  1. Lukewarm burger with cheese, not melted, and if possible slide the tomato slice off the burger and leave it in the wrapped package so the juice gets on the bun.

  2. Cold French fries, and if you could, make sure both ketchup dispensers are out of ketchup. And

  3. Cherry Coke Zero from the machine, please make sure it has lots of syrup and almost no fizz, because cherry soup goes well with burger and fries.

I don’t know what it is, but I think I remember when fast food didn’t also mean careless, cold, crap in a bag. Maybe I don’t remember right.

OK, going to relax and take off my curmudgeon shoes.


Sounds to me like that is what you ordered.

Isn’t that part of the definition of “fast food”? :joy:

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You don’t remember right.

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A number of years ago, I stopped at a Mickey D’s. The Big Mac was assembled bread, bread, meat, meat, bread.

I saw recently that Mickey D’s was going to put more of the “special sauce” (looks like Thousand Island salad dressing to me) on the Big Mac. I can understand that. Maybe the extra sauce will soften up and hydrate the borderline burnt, dry, and cold, patties that seem to inhabit their burgers most of the time. I was on my way home from a car show, and stopped at Mickey D’s in Albion for a Big Mac meal. The girl took my money, and gave me a numbered sign to put on my table so the girl could bring my food out to me. After a half hour of waiting, I went up to the counter and started making noise. Finally got my meal, no hotter or better assembled than normal, but they did give me a free apple pie for waiting. …and yet, Mickey D’s is always busier than the other fast food places.

There is one Tim Horton’s that is convenient for me to stop at. It is always a guessing game what they will be out of on any given day.

me: have the fix’ns for a chicken panini?

them: no, out of chicken (one time they were out of the bread)

me; how about a turkey club on a croissant?

them: out of croissants.

me: OK, on the other bread then.

them: out of lettuce and tomato.

me: OK, how about a ham and swiss?

them: still out of lettuce and tomato

me: OK, how about double cheese instead?

them: OK

me: I’ll have a Coke with that.

them: out of Coke, but we have diet

me: OK

Only places that seem to have their act together around here are Arby’s and Burger King.


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These fast food joints are doing their part to promote public health. Making their unhealthy, pro-inflammatory foods less appealing encourages people to eat real food instead.


Goofy, you lazy bum!!!

Whenever Ms. Wolf is out with friends or visiting her sister, I am large and in charge. I happen to cook my own healthy ingredients home cooked meal. So there!

Well, I’m just microwaving home cooked meals that Ms.Wolf has left for me, but I’m pretty sure that technically still counts as cooking.

And she’s thrifty (ok, cheap) so she doesn’t have to leave me $20 to buy my own fast food. My allowance is $2 a week so I can buy a lotto ticket.

But you’re still a lazy bum.


Thing is, the girls that work at both the Tim’s and Wendy’s are really nice. It must be frustrating for them to work in stores that are so fouled up.

You need to go to Chick-fil-a. Have never been disappointed.


When I saw the topic ‘Execution Matters’, I thought it would a political post…

For the record, I’m in favor. (I have a list we could start with)

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I’ve been twice. The execution was exemplary, the food just OK, but I avoid them for political reasons. (I have gay friends.)


I have to agree. The boss has banned salt from the table more than 50 years ago. When we go to Chick-fil-a I get my dose of much needed salt. Good stuff. I wish I owned a Chick-fil-a. Every one I’ve seen in Houston has a double drive and the cars are backed up into the street sometimes blocking traffic. It’s a shame they are not open on Sundays.

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To each their own. Sometimes it is hard to seperate an individual’s idea/belief from their business. But the founder passed away some time ago and current leadership is a little different. Tim Cook has said/done some things I don’t agree with but Apple makes good products so I’m in the Apple universe.