AMZN profitability experiment…

By Barry Ritholtz - whom I think a few people on this board read his stuff.

I dont own any AMZN shares, but found this article fascinating. A couple quotes:

"Macquarie Research: it estimates “that for every $1 of e-commerce growth, Amazon will take 51 cents.”

“So here’s how to think about Amazon. It was and remains a giant retail lab experiment. Bezos has no fear of failure”




I found it hard to believe this quote from the article:

As of 2015, traditional brick and mortar stores generated more than 90 percent of the $5 trillion in U.S. retail sales. E-commerce has grown for more than two decades, yet it claims less than 10 percent of the total.

I thought I had heard much higher numbers for e-commerce sales, but a quick Google search showed this number to be in the ballpark.

I keep learning every day!

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