An apology to Saul and The Board

Hey everyone,

This is OT but I want to publicly apologize to Saul, the other board moderators, and the whole community here for my immature post/comments back during the whole FSLY sale ordeal.

If you’re new and don’t know what I’m talking about the bottom line is that my posts were just emotionally driven and immature (no excuses and I take full accountability)

If you do know what I’m talking about then I hope you accept my genuine apology. I essentially said many people were just blindly following Saul which was wrong…and really none of my business to say in the first place.

This board has changed so many lives, including my own and if you all are okay with it, I’d love to become an active participant again.

I won’t be able to share my exact portfolio and returns because of my job, but I can certainly join the research and deep-dive discussions.



Sorry to be OT here myself, but WOW!

You just manned-up and show such character, AND admitted that you were wrong??? All in one post??

The world needs more demonstrations of this. I personally appreciate this last post of yours just for those reasons.

You were a great contributor to the boards before all of this and I’ve always respected you and your views, and your original thinking. After this post, I respect you even more. A perfect example and lesson to all of how one can turn a lemon into lemonade.

Thanks for sending this to the Board. It is another wonderful contribution that will improve the Board.


P.S. I am lurker for many many years, rarely posting but often private messaging, but follow you all and appreciate this Board.


Hi Austin,
Thanks so much for your apology. We will, of course, welcome you back. Sometimes people do, indeed, fall in love with some of their stocks (like Fastly), and become very emotional when those stocks are criticized and abandoned by others. It can be a painful experience, and they sometimes do react emotionally as you did. We’ll be happy to have your discussion and analyses back again on the board. Hope that you are well and happy in your life.

PS Let’s not extend this thread, guys, unless you have something that you feel you just MUST say.