Saul's apology

I’ve been away for a while and when I came back I started reading my favorite board to get caught up. After reading the Saul apology thread I had to respond.
I’m an old guy, 83 last January, but I’m still pretty active. Play golf two or three times a week and have shot my age or better quit a few times at a 6000 yard championship course here in La Quinta, Ca., Silver Rock Resort. I retired in 2000 and moved here and still love it even though it gets hot in the summer. It’s dry heat you know.
When I retired I had sold my business in Los Angeles and I had a portfolio of stocks that my “Broker Friend” managed for me. In the first few years after my retirement we were doing ok but then things started going to pot. After losing about 50% of my portfolio I started looking at things more seriously. I figured I could do as good as he was doing so I got rid of him and started managing it myself. The Fool and I have done quite well through the years but Saul, since I found your board here I have learned more from reading your special report messages over and over again. Not only you but there are an awful lot of other wise and knowledgeable people on this board. You have opened my eyes to so many good ways to look at things and analize things. Please don’t stop throwing out your suggestions regardless of how small or large they are. We are all here to make our own decisions and some of us find it hard to come up with new ideas and stocks. We need your input.
I just wish I had found out all this a long time ago. I’m sure I would be better off now. Not that things are that bad now though.
Thanks again for everything from all of you but especially Saul. Please keep them coming.




What a great and inspiring post. You voiced a lot of truth that we all feel about investing and in particular Saul’s positive impact on us all.

I’ll bet most of us have had a “Broker Friend” that has cost us plenty. I’ll show you some of the “option” scars running down my back made by such a friend years ago.

Keep shooting your age on the golf course as we all profit from the collective wisdom from this board and Saul’s leadership.

Thank you for your post,