An interesting development that proved me wrong all this time later

So, I got interested, for the reasons I’ll mention later, and wanted to read more about how they got there. The case study I found on Growth Partners Media states some quite amazing numbers that speak even to someone like me (interested in but not too knowledgeable about digital marketing). This led to “profitable revenue growth of 200% over the course of 2022”. We are talking about the company that:

“currently employs 75 employees across offices in New York and Bangalore, India with plans to increase its workforce by roughly 200% in 2023.”

75 employees. And apparently, it’s:

“trusted by large enterprises such as, Revlon, Nestle, FedEx, and Marriott, and is the leading QR code platform on G2 reaching 20,000 customers in September 2022.”

All this reading started because the lady of the house uses their services at work and keeps finding ways to implement QR codes into our little household, despite my resistance. But it ended with my head spinning…thinking about the power of digital marketing, the possibilities of growth for a small business, and especially - how wrong I was back in the day thinking that QR codes won’t last. I do stand corrected.