Inmode you may have heard of them. An Israeli company focused on aesthetics. Solid fundamental numbers. Just reported. Strong growth, margins, profits, cash flow. Only hiccup IMO was slowing growth. They have a history of sand banging so I think they easily beat the guide. Diamond in the ruff. Just wanted to share. Kinda checks the GARP box

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I think champ was into this one for a bit, but I forgot about it, tbh.

Looks like pre-covid it was about $24, tanked in march 2020 and went on huge run to $93.
Recently settled at $40 on 1/24 low. Now back at $50.
Does seem to be GARP with P/S and P/E.

Putting on the watchlist.
If you want to chat on it more, maybe you can help dig up what the prospects are moving forward, why will they keep growing, how does mgmt come off on CC, are they founder-led, would the sunset of covid open up more availability for their procedures (bottled up demand?), etc etc…



Company is founder led. Definitely impacted by COVID. They mentioned on the CC that one of their fastest growing markets is in China. Their sales reps there are pretty much idle due to lockdowns. I think the market opportunity is pretty large with everyone wanting to look better nowadays. They are also into an area involving incontinence and women’s health so that appears to be another market within itself.

The company grew revenues 56% in 2019, 32% in 2020 (COVID), 73% in 2021 (easy comp). They are guiding to 21% for 2022. In the CC they stated this is a very conservative number due to Omicron and lockdowns. Gross margins averaging around 85% over the last 4 years. Very profitable and seem to be well managed on the financial side of things. No debt on the balance sheet. Asked in the CC about what they plan on doing with the cash, i.e., M&A. Their response was they have book looking but haven’t found a good fit. And that everything is so expensive. I liked that response. They do plan on buying back shares. Kind of opposite of what we see with growth companies.

Overall, I like it having a $4B market cap and think it could generate some decent returns over the next year or so. I have a piker sized position along with some out of the money call options I bought a little before earnings that are slightly green. Will be watching it close over the next couple quarters and will opportunistically add.

Hope this was helpful.