An unscientific look at used Geforce sales

Back in April, I noted that with the end of the crypto bubble, large numbers of high-end NVDA cards would end up getting sold off on Ebay.…

Back then, there were 751 used GTX 1070 on sale, and the going price seemed to be USD 350-400 (completed auctions). Now there are over 903, and the going price is around 250.
Unfortunately, because of “buy now”, the number of listings doesn’t really tell us too much about turnover. I wish I had checked the number of SOLD items. I didn’t.

GTX 1080 appear to be selling for about USD 360-400.

The price drop wasn’t quite as big as I had expected (I thought <200 USD for the 1070 was likely).
In the last 3 months, 6000 GTX 1070 have apparently been sold on Ebay, which is not a significant number in the big picture. I had a vision of tens of thousands of cards flooding Ebay. Of course I have no idea how big a role Ebay plays in the overall used video card market. Maybe there are other channels?


Used crypto cards tend to have a lot of continuous use, which means a lot of wear, I suppose mostly from heat. If there isn’t a way for buyers to know if a card was heavily used, that should make new cards more popular, which would help Nvidia sell off excess inventory.