Anecdotal: SKX

The Outdoor Retailers trade show is going on here in Salt Lake. I happened to walk past the convention center today looking for a place to have lunch that wasn’t full of Outdoor Retailers, and I noticed that the outside of the building has an enormous ad for a Sketchers running shoe, the GoRun 4. I got curious and looked up the booths on the convention web site. Sketchers has one of the largest booths, with more floor space than almost anyone – indoors, anyway. Keen has a sort of small waterpark set up outside the convention hall.

I’m a runner. Unlike most runners I’m pretty agnostic about shoe brands (not that the brand affinity is down to advertising, necessarily: most runners find something that fits their feet and stick with it). I’m lucky in that many shoes fit me, and I always try to buy ugly shoes on sale. Sketchers really seems to be making a push into serious running shoes, meant for actually logging miles, as opposed to shoes that look like running shoes but aren’t. By and large they’ve been positively reviewed. It’s a niche market, but bigger than it was when Bill Bannerman started making shoes in his garage in Eugene…

I don’t put a lot of stick in Peter Lynch investing, and for that matter I tend to stay away from apparel and retail. But I offer this for what it’s worth.


I don’t put a lot of stick in Peter Lynch investing…

Peter Lynch is not about how big the advertising is but about how many buyers are flocking there. It’s not about expertise but about selling power. :wink:

Denny Schlesinger

More anecdotal evidence from another runner. I ran ten half-marathons between 2006 and 2013, (although you’d never know it looking at me now). I ran in a pair of Asics for every mile of training and race and have continued to run for excercise, although not as many miles.

I just bought a new pair of the Skecher Go 4 running shoes. They have less than 50 miles on them so far. They’re very lightweight and have a comfortable fit. I haven’t noticed a change in performance and they haven’t affected me physically in any way (i.e. Lower back issues, or other weird muscle pain etc).

BUT…I don’t love them. I’m gonna put my normal 300-500 miles on them before I upgrade, but when I do I’m gonna go back to my Asics. My Asics seem to have more support and just FEEL more like a running shoe. Or maybe I’m just conditioned to like my Asics. Who knows?

I love that Skechers is trying to attract serious runners (not that I am one), and I hope that I’m in the minority of people that will switch back to their old brand.

Another thought though is that since they’re know going after this crowd, there will certainly be people like me who are just starting out that will buy a Skechers running show as their first and will be locked in for a decade or two.

Anyway, thought I’d share my specific experience.


Another runner here, doing few marathons per year. Agreed with bengrahamcracker that runners usually stick with their brands. (For me it’s Saucony)

I’ve also tried GoRun 4. It was very comfortable, kinda liked it, but not good enough to replace my favorite pair. SKX’s been penetrating this running shoe market. (i.e. GoRun 4 chosen as the shoe of the year.) But I think they need more time and series of successful shoe lineups to gain meaningful share in this market and to win runner’s hearts. Because their hearts mostly gutsy and stubborn enough to try crazy things like marathon :slight_smile:

Long SKX

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Honestly, I liked my Asics, but they didn’t last at all. When I was running actively, I was putting about 1700 miles a year on my running shoes. At that rate, I was replacing my Asics 4 times a year. I switched to Brooks, and they had better support, about the same comfort, and lasted more than twice as long for maybe a 20% increase in price.

I have not tried any Skechers running shoes yet.

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I have not tried any Skechers running shoes yet.

They are comfortable but you will be replacing them at least 2x of what you found with Asics I believe. I am hardly a runner, but walk a lot which some jogging in-between. My sketchers usually become my trash shoes quickly. Those that I wear when I want to walk around in the soft muddy grass so my dog can run and have fun and get dirty. The Asics are still good over a year but the Sketchers are a good 3 or 4 months.

I am long on the company, but I only buy there slip on pair of shoes for those times I just need to take a very short walk to the park and back