SKX site visit and a thanks

I just got back from Leesburg Outlets mall (far western DC suburbs), where I bought some Skechers shoes. I went there in part because of the descriptions of their products that I read here on this board. All 3 different employees helped me at one time or the other, all of them very helpful. The first one selected a pair of sneakers for me, plus slippers, based on my description of what I was looking for, namely extremely comfortable shoes to help me with some foot problems that I’ve been having for years, which have flared up in recent months. His selections were absolutely perfect the first time.

When I mentioned that I had heard about Skechers via “an investing board” and that some runners had complained about the fact that their shoes don’t wear well, the first employee basically interrupted me (very politely) and said that he knew exactly what I was going to say, and that he had a good explanation for it. However, on a Saturday night about 6 pm, they were so busy that I never was able to get the rest of his story. BTW, there were very few stores there that were very busy at that hour.

The shoes that I bought have a special padded insole, and in addition they have soles that are made out of very soft rubber. For me, the comfort that I can already feel (after walking with them for about 15 minutes) is exactly what I need. For me, comfort is far more important than durability. I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars at specialty shoe stores over the past couple of years and been dissatisfied. I already know that I’m going to feel different with these.

I don’t know how large the market is for people with preferences such as I have, but I can tell you that I already expect to be a loyal follower from now on, and will gladly recommend them to others. I had a small inkling of what to expect based on what I’d read on this board over the past couple of months, but the moment that I looked at the shoes in person, only then did I really understand and become an instant believer.

I became an investor in SKX only recently (hence I’m down fairly sharply on my investment), but I’m so satisfied with the shoes that I bought that I’m not the least bit concerned. So thanks to everybody here who have discussed the product, including those who complained about the lack of durability of their running shoes … for me, that was a sign that they’ve emphasized softness/comfort in place of durability, which I had hoped would mean that they would be right for me (which turned out to be true). If anybody else reading these boards has sensitive feet and needs very soft, comfortable shoes, and hasn’t yet been to a Skechers store, I can’t recommend them enough.

as always, i am full of carp


Thanks also to you, full of carp, for your first person experiences!

I don’t know how large the market is for people with preferences such as I have,

I believe a part of this is the baby boomer wave. I suspect most people of that age are much more concerned about comfort than looks. I know my wife won’t let me buy Sketchers because of the lact of “cool” styling, but if I was single, I suspect I would have a few pair. So as we continue to age, I think we will want more sketchers.

Granted, they are selling more overseas where my theory probably does not hold water.