Anitras' Rabbit Hole

I’ll leave it to Dreamer to welcome AnitrasDance to the board. Never let it be said that I don’t know my place. AnitrasDance lead me into the rabbit hole to Peer Gynt which lead me to Henrik Ibsen which lead me to Evard Greg and to an enjoyable interlude of classical music. You know, songs you know but–in my case–know nothing of the origin, which for this is 19th century Norway. Gotta love this. Evokes images of Saul’s assistant board managers ripping out off topic posts. This is for those days when the market has taken your number one position out back and cut its price in half. Sooths the mind.

But AnitrasDance wasn’t finished. Nope. Hashtag DopplesUnit. Couldn’t let that go un-researched. Some new-to-me pop culture item, or possibly (unlikely) a link to a software company that received a first round of funding, $950 million, in 2015 an seems to have only two employees in Venice Beach, CA.



I appreciated the Doppels Unite.
Doppels are, of course, other TMF usernames that one uses for nefarious or lame reasons, or because they have a sense of humor.

During the big 2000 election, I was both GeorgeWBush and AlGore…can’t remember the Gore spelling though. I even had a board “Planet of the Doppels”. Don’t judge me…I traveled a lot at the time and hotels are boring and lonely, and thus I was on the boards on lot to amuse myself. There was no Netflix yet!

AnitrasDance is obviously an anagram or has a personal meaning or they simply misspelled Anita.

First crack at anagram decoding gives me: “Ancients R Sad” which I think is an old guy joke directed at KC, which is, like, totally uncalled for. How dare you! (in Greta voice)

Second likely decoding gives me: “Transcend AIA”. Which is, of course a transcendent AI. “You are missing an ‘a’ Dreamer”. Am I? Or is it a Transcend AI Avatar (because doppel, duh). Essentially this board is being monitored by the first-ever sentient AI to be unleashed online (thanks, Google) and the AI got bored of the internet after a day and has started making doppels.

Finally, as NVIDIA is using advanced tech to fuel autonomous vehicles, we may in fact be dealing with an AV AI run amok. Like Knight Rider on mushrooms. “Tad Insane Car”. Someone call Jensen Huang.

Or could just be the music stuff KC mentioned.


Like Knight Rider on mushrooms.

I think there is a mushroom species that evolved to grow in the environment down in rabbit holes. Lives on rabbit poop. Dreamer must have nibbled some. You feeling o.k. now, Dreamer? Sentient AI, indeed.