Anoka Social District--runs over 5 months (April - early Oct)

Social District tried for one month in 2023 and was a huge hit. 2024 return.
Large change in social consumption of alcohol (and more) for areas looking to bring in more people. No vehicles allowed in the District. Walking only. BYOB (alcohol) not allowed.

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dang, alcohol sure has a grip on people. It’s the same way here, drinking is an actual activity, like a recreational hobby. And business will push it hard, as nobody spends like drunk people, lol.
We do not yet have the option of taking drinks out of the bar and go sit or stroll in the streets, but I’m sure the bar owners are thinking about it. Anything to drive traffic downtown.

As an aside, there is an event in the downtown or close-in area pretty much every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and beyond. A local media company polled the residents of the areas where these events take place, asking that since you all live here, what event would you all like to have scheduled ? The majority response from the residents was that they wanted a weekend without any events in their area. After the results were known, the survey results were basically buried, and not another word was said of it. Gotta keep those $$$'s flowin, lol.


I wonder if those new weight loss miracle drugs will dramatically slow the phenomenon of recreational drinking. I don’t mean that everyone will be taking the drugs and lose their appetite, but rather that some of the people will be taking those drugs and won’t be interested in “going out drinking” anymore. And if a group of guys has one or two that aren’t interested in “going out drinking”, maybe they will more often choose some other activity that they can all enjoy together? Maybe bowling will come back LOL.

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It would be awesome if friends were able to get together and do some type of activity that didn’t involve drinking. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, people have swallowed hook, line, and sinker that fun = alcohol. All of us older folks were exposed to the relentless marketing by the beer and liquor companies, conditioned now to drink. Only activities that involve strenuous exercise are sans-alcohol, virtually everything else has beer or such involved. I do like having a couple of beers on hot summer day, so am as guilty as anybody, lol.

( doing a no-alcohol-April, feel great ! )