Anonymous Claims Hack of Russian Central Bank

This is breaking news, and yet to be verified by Western news organizations, but if true, I’d imagine Mad Vlad will need a pill bottle of tranquilizers and a bottle of vodka to calm down:

317) #StandWithUkraine #PaybackHack

Breaking: Anonymous was hinting a few days ago that they had some big news to drop this week. This is huge. Every Western Intelligence Agency will pour over these files - if indeed this news is verified.


Someone just archived the Independent story. Check out this headline. I bet the next 48-hours wait will seem like eternity for certain Oligarchs and Kleptocrats inside Russia:

318) #StandWithUkraine #PaybackHack

More about the breaking news above. There is already an archived version of the Independent story:

The hacking collective has so far claimed responsibility for 2,500 attacks on “Russian & Belarusian gov’t, state media outlets, banks, hospitals, airports [and] companies.”

Representatives told The Independent that these tactics – alongside trolling, enlisting targets’ phone numbers to escort sites, and taking over data centres – are common tactics, but that “your guess is as good as ours” for what might happen next.

As well as Russian firms, the group has levied a campaign against international businesses who have not yet pulled out their operations in Russia.



Imagine in the not too distant future Anonymous hacking the Russian banks and there being no rubles left. Formatted. Or worse if you can get a hard drive to physically implode.

What happens if Russian oil companies and the Russian forex get rubles and then “formatted”?

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Maybe they can hack Russian bank accounts and use the money to buy Ukraine government bonds, promising to retire them if Ukraine remains independent and not aligned with Russia.