Russian hacking

No, not Russia hacking the US (which is still a target).

Hackers going after Russia, which looks vulnerable these days. Some with great success.




FBI Hacks the Hackers

At last. Its about time. You wonder how effective our govt agencies are in countering hackers. Much is probably confidential and never discussed in public.

Thank goodness this one made the news. I like the idea of an aggressive hack the hackers initiative. Sometimes the best defense is a good offence.

That is what a very close friend from Germany used to say about her Rottweiler. He believed a good offense was the best defense.

Hackers can claim freedom of speech. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A wise person said, back in the day, when a couple CIA ops blew up, “we never hear about the successful ops”. Remember “Argo”? The US’ role was news to me, when it was finally declassified. All we heard about at the time was the Canadian’s role. If an FBI hacking op against Russia has been reported, it was a security failure.