Another article from Peter Attia...hopefully OT for most

A short read outlining a similar path to mine and my discovery of potentially life altering/ending ASCVD. Obviously, for me at 70 the discovery has been something that should be of equal concern to close relatives given the similar lipid profile…a very high Lp(a) which is an indication of a strong genetic component and which is rarely…if ever…measured routinely on a standard lipid profile in the US. Daughter has thankfully discovered that this is one thing I haven’t gifted her with (she’ll have to make do with migraine and bunions and her dad’s aortopathy)


This is absolutely true and a nightmare for many people. Where to begin? Do you trust the doctor? Do you trust the research? How?

Most are lost. It is very scary for most people.

If a doctor tells you something and you think it is honest even if you are angry about the discussion do not leave that doctor.

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