Definitely not off topic

…given recent discussions on health-care spending and rising costs.

Another installment in Peter Attia’s podcast series that’s accompanied my Z2/MAF/ASCVD regression training on the treadmill this am.

Not sure if it’ll come up in its entirety or the paywall will kick in. I hope it does (come up in full, that is) as there are a few topics that come up and are opined upon that are thought provoking in a general sense, along with more on demoting ASCVD from it’s #1 spot as the world’s killer disease. Anyway, if there’s anything about it that provokes a flag or FA or whatever it’s called nowadays, be sure to bookmark/print it for yourself first.

P.S. selected episodes from this have joined TWiV inour regular His &Hers listening on Sunday mornings.

P.P.S…don’t know if anyone recalls Ed Miller’s Cholesterol Plays on the Foolish Collective back in the mid aughts? I fancy that there are some avenues for thinking WRT future investment in a $$$$bucks portfolio as well as in the Centenarian Decathlon

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