Another Check In

An update to PaulWBryant's email in Sept:


	   8/27 Mkt Cap	  9/26 Mkt Cap	10/18 Mkt Cap	Change From Aug
	        $B	     $B	            $B	
Smartsheet	5.3	     4.3	    3.35	-36.8%
MongoDB	        8.3	     7.0	    6.6	        -20.5%
Alteryx	        9.5	     7.5	    6.2	        -34.7%
Zscaler	        9.1	     6.9	    5.5	        -39.6%
Crowdstrike	17.2	     12.6	    10.6	-38.4%

Looks like some amazing bargains. 



A post about companies, their market caps, and how much they’ve dropped (or risen)

Offers very little value. It also certainly doesn’t mean they are bargains just because they have dropped.

Why are they bargains? What do you like about the specific companies?

Is it improving YoY revenue growth, steady gross margins of 75%+, stead dollar based net retention rates of 120%+, and clear market dominance, continued innovation, etc?

Now those things combined with a falling market cap and PS ratio could = outstanding opportunities.

But not falling price alone. In fact a falling price (if sparked by poor business performance) could be an indicator of a very poor investment.

Not picking on you, but trying to get the board back focused on evaluation individual companies.