Value check in

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I posted this:

Some things have changed!

Stock    3/26 PS     4/7 PS
ZM         69          53 (!!!)
AYX        17          15 (!)
CRWD       24          26
ESTC       12          11 (!)
SMAR       19          20

No change for PINS, OKTA, or DDOG. CRWD and SMAR have actually gone up, but AYX and ESTC are still crazy cheap (even after the last 2 days).

Even more interesting, possibly, is the extent to which ZM has come back to earth. I mean, it ain’t cheap, but people who are saying it’s ridiculously expensive are not differentiating between ZM at a mkt cap near $50 billion ($160+) and ZM at a mkt cap under $35 billion ($115). There’s a tremendous difference!

I just wanted to provide another update. There’s nothing magic about PS ratio – it is simply one lens with which to view the current landscape. Another is what the stock price has done today. Another is what it’s done over the last week. Another is the technical analysis, and on and on. I feel like understanding more of the lenses different market participants see through can help us get a more complete picture of what is going on.