Another comment on SA

@Bill Zettler "But note that Tesla’s huge MV of almost $700 billion is greater than the next 8 companies combined.

• Tesla does not have the drag of dying ICE vehicles
• Tesla does not have the sclerotic management style of the incumbents
• Tesla does not have the drag of labor unions
• Tesla does not have the drag of dealerships
• Tesla does not have the drag of high fuel costs
• Tesla is developing its own self driving AI
• Tesla is building a supercomputer specifically designed for machine learning
• Tesla has less drag from the flaky supply chains
• Tesla has EV volume no one has been able to match
• Tesla has the backing of the Green Climate Catastrophe Cabal
• Teslas have torque to spare
• Teslas can be fueled at home while sleeping
• Tesla has insurance float
• Tesla is where engineers want to work
• Tesla has Elon Musk

The Captain


Strengths are often weaknesses in life.

Tesla for the most part was not competing with the other car companies prior to this year.

GM and F have more loyal customers each. So do most of the other major car brands.

Those showrooms etc…they make for a network of people looking for support in their jobs. Tesla’s Musk is burning bridges instead.

The green cabal…more aptly put as people with common sense who happen to be in very large numbers these days…are finding they resent having done business with Musk.

The engineers? The cheaper stock if you want your options to rise in value is GM.

Tesla is not a good stock to hold right now. Know when you see a top.