Another Covered Call: Campbell Soups

Campbell soups is steady as she goes. The operating income hovers around $1B give or take. The stock price has declined or raised primarily based on overall market valuation.

The price has steadily declined to $40, and current dividend yield is 3.75% (which is far below US treasuries). If you look below 10 year chart, the stock is at a multi-year support and 10 year low is around $35.

So, I did a buy-write of net $34.28 for Jan 24 $35 strike. The ex-dividend is tomorrow and if the stock didn’t get called then there is a possibility of another dividend. If held till expiry then you get 4.3% simple yield and 14.5% annualized yield.

This is a trade where I am not expecting to lose and make small money; IF it goes below $35, then I will continue to write. Bored, and trying to do these trades to keep me from making bigger mistakes.

Campbell soup delivered hot!!! Q1 results were above estimates and they reiterated 2024 EPS guidance of $3.09 to $3.15. The stock moved up strongly (7%+) and now sitting at $43.24. The ex-dividend for the next dividend is Jan-03. I fully expect the shares will be called by then. Still for the 3 months, I will end up making annualized yield of 12.55%. Not bad, but in real $$$ nothing. Well October was a tough month and a good time to buy the dips, well… When you are complaining about 12.5% annualized yield, it is a good problem to have, I guess.