Another GM Sedan Bits the Dust

General Motors said Wednesday it will end production of its gasoline-powered Chevrolet Malibu car later this year in order to produce new electric vehicles.

Management keeps insisting “no-one wants a sedan”.

I decided to look at GM’s sales reports, for both calendar 2023 and Q1 24.

In both cases, the Malibu outsold every Chevy except the Equinox and Silverado. It outsold every Buick and Cadillac model. It outsold every GMC model except the Sierra.

For 2024, the Equinox is only about $1500 more than the Malibu. Chevy has announced pricing for the 2025 Equinox. The new Equinox will cost $4,800 more than the Malibu, which will no longer be available to compete with it.