Chevy Bolt Replaced w/$30,000 Equinox

I think the idea is to erase the memory of a dud nameplate – like the Ford Edsel.

GM planning a sub-$30,000 Ultium-based EV below the Equinox EV…

Those two takes were based on the fact that the Lake Orion Assembly plant that builds the Bolt is being converted to build GM’s coming electric pickups, all of which will be more popular and are on a different, better platform than the subcompact hatch, and the fact that GM wouldn’t say anything about how much life its lovely, tiny crossover has left. The loose prediction was that the coming, $30,000 battery-electric Equinox would replace the Bolt, offering more room and a better powertrain for less money.

A $30,000 EV minus a $12,500 refundable tax credit would be a real winner.