Another Positive for TTD

From an article this morning in the LA Times…

"YouTube announced Thursday night at its annual presentation to ad buyers — known as the “Brandcast” — that it will make all of its original produced series available free to viewers with commercials, similar to the rest of the content on the site. Some of its original programs were running ad-free behind an $11.99 a month subscriber pay wall.

YouTube has seen continued growth among younger viewers, making it a more attractive option for advertisers. Citing Nielsen data from May 2018, YouTube said it reached more 18-to-19-year-olds than all ad-supported cable TV networks combined.

Spending on digital video advertising is expected to reach $4.39 billion in 2019, an increase of 19.6% over 2018, according to research firm EMarketer, with YouTube getting a majority share of that pie."…

TTD currently my 2nd largest holding.



Yes, but in this case, TTD is excluded from Youtube advertising since it is behind the Google “Walled Garden”



It does bode well that YouTube is, along with Hulu and CBS, providing free or low-fee ad-supported options for their streaming content.

This will likely cause more and more of the other players to consider providing similar options.

Youtube may not currently be open to TTD, but over time that may change, and in general the more of the industry that provides ad-supported options, the more it will benefit TTD in the long run.

Even Netflix seems to be saying they won’t use ads, in the US…leaving open possibility of ad-supported netflix in Asia or elsewhere. iQiyi and others in China already do a combo model of subscription with and without ads, so that is what those consumers, with less buying power than US consumers, are used to.



I am a subscriber to AT&T’s fairly new DirecTv Now streaming product - I have used this product since last September when I switched over from AT&T’s DirecTv satellite product. Both are subscription services, virtually the same content, however the internet streaming product is about half the price - I am paying $55/month. Both services also run commercials.

I noticed from day one that if I watched a show on demand on the streaming service - something like the Discovery channel as an example - where I was watching a show that had already aired on cable I would see a small clock in the lower left hand corner of the screen whenever commercials would play - the clock would show the seconds for each commercial and say 1 of 3, as an example, if 3 commercials would play before getting back to the show.

Yesterday, for the first time, that little commercial timer started showing up during live broadcasts.

I am wondering if this is a switch of the live TV product over to programmatic ad content. I always assumed the on demand stuff was programmatic content.

Frank - long TTD, see profile for all holdings

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