Another sign of a rebounding economy

Another sign that the economy really is getting better: more people are driving.…

The report to be released Wednesday shows that traffic delays in most parts of the country have bounced back to pre-recession levels.

“Some of what we may be seeing as the economy recovers is that many of these millennials aren’t so different from their parents,” he said. “They have an economic reason to not buy a car and live relatively close to where they work. When those hard times start to go away, the behavior begins to look a whole lot more like everybody else.”

More people are driving because more people have a place they need to go: be it a place to shop, vacation, commutes to work, etc… Any way you boil it down, the result is economic activity, and lots of it. Further, all that increased congestion will drive demand for new driving solutions - bigger roads, better reliance on technology & apps, self-driving cars, etc.

Good times.