Some good news at last

…if you care to believe it:

Not everyone does:

The sky is falling! The sky is falling.

So please hurry up and purchase the book I wrote titled End Times.


Its been explained before that govt numbers are often adjusted to season. Officials have as many as six numbers to choose from for each official report. Hence, the current number can have a political spin. But of course the number chosen this month impacts the next report.

This is not unlike businesses deciding which year or quarter to claim numbers that impact earnings. Short term numbers can drift. But cumulative results are more reliable.

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I don’t know who writes “The Economic Collapse” but he sucks at conspiracy theories. The 2.5 million figure comes from…the U.S. government. BLS reports both adjusted and unadjusted figures. Most people use the seasonally adjusted figure because, well, the employment rate is seasonal.


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Who doesn’t suck at writing conspiracy theories? That is the whole point.

I watched an old beat up bartender pick up an incredibly beautiful young woman. She came in for a drink. He almost spat in her face or to that affect with his language. She stayed. He knew he had her.

Being bad at writing conspiracy theories is a must. You need people who will be clingy.

As for me, I don’t believe either set of figures :slightly_smiling_face:

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The stock market seems to believe it…

Index ........ YTD
DJIA ........ 3.0%
SPX ......... 8.5%
NASDAQ ..... 15.7%

The Captain

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govt numbers are ‘seasoned’ to make them palatable… :imp:

The Captain

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Yep, the stock market is always good at predicting the state of the economy:


Yes, and it has accurately predicted ten of the last three recessions.

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