Another trial on basic income

So what this tells me is that the places with the highest cost of living are not paying livable wages. That is why they have a homeless problem. So either low income housing needs to be built or a higher minimum wage.



I’ll agree that guaranteed minimum income improves some lives. But i wonder if it solves the problem.

I suspect that poverty is a relative term. You can move the bar but does it get people out of poverty? And the money can easily attract more.

Teaching better job skills is a better solution. Not suitable for everyone but should get emphasis where feasible.


Solving the problem requires long term solutions. Short term payments help now but don’t solve the problem(s) necessitating the payments. It may make sense to have a UBI for everyone. If what is being claimed for the benefits of AI come partially true, there will be far fewer requirements for workers. That frees people to not work “a job” if they so choose. It won’t be Star Trek, but it should be interesting. In which sense of the meaning of that word is up to the reader.

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An interesting thing happened when I analyzed the necessary bits and pieces of a sustainable society in my book.

It needed, it REALLY needed, a UBI.

And that need only gets worse as the automata get better.

R.U.R. also explains that conundrum quite nicely.

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