Another US listed shipping entity - Hafnia

Had not been paying close attention, but just noticed that product tanker company Hafnia has secured a US listing with ticker HAFN. Similar to another tanker company, Okeanis ECO Tankers (ECO), that has a recent US listing - each company has a Norwegian stock listing in addition to the US listing.

I was aware of their affiliation with BW Group. But, I was not aware of their fleet size - over 100 owned vessels and a total of 200 in their pools. Will have to go and dig more into this company. However, for now, I have a new name to add to my shipping list.

Home page:

As I understand, HAFN does pay a dividend, so it is an income option too.


Their Q4 2023 report –


I haven’t really dug too deeply into HAFN. The rough break-out of the fleet in one of the Q4 2023 report slides is helpful, but insufficient. One can kludge together some assumptions. But, the assumptions would have to be really solid to make things stick. [Edit: Even if I knew the build year and yard, 116 vessels would be 232 degrees-of-freedom for a fleet calculation]

The Panamax JV gives food for thought. It suggests a dirty tanker pool, which is generally outside the scope of Hafnia’s business. Over the years of viewing the shipping sector, I don’t recall seeing orders for Panamax tankers. For more recent years, there might be an easier explanation. Owners might opt for an LR1 to give them optionality i.e. order a vessel that can operate in either the clean or dirty tanker segment.

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