Apple in talks with Google for Gemini to power iPhone AI

Looks like Apple is trying to make up lost ground on its AI efforts by talking to Google to use its Gemini LLM for rumored new AI features on the iPhone

’ A potential deal between the firms could help Google expand the use of its AI services to more than 2 billion active Apple devices, boosting the search giant’s efforts to catch up with Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

It could also help allay investor fears about the slow roll-out of AI apps by Apple, which has lost the crown of the world’s most valuable firm after a 10% decline in its shares this year.’


Benzinga article says that this move may draw Fed scrutiny…doc


Well Google has already been the default search engine for Safari on iPhone for many years, and this is just a much fancier version of the same feature.

Unless the Feds come up with some wacky new angle on its antitrust implications to justify their existence, which would not be too much of a surprise :slight_smile: