Will you continue to use Google/ Gemini if LLM is fixed?

The Gemini rollout is a major screwup. However, Google has huge market share in browser, android, etc. Most of us use chrome/ google for search. Will you continue to use google/ Gemini?

  • Yes
  • No
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If MS CoPilot on Windows is any indication, Google will probably integrate the ‘new improved’ version into Chrome etc. whether we like it or not

No reason to believe they won’t figure it out soon enough :slight_smile:

Probably. Right now, for search everyone chooses Google, if there are other options available, will Google’s moat be impacted? I don’t know. But for now, I have to assume Google’s moat in search is under attack and we need to see how they are going to defend it. Are there going to be any heads rolling in Google for the botched Gemini release? Don’t know. But so far they are not inspiring.

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In search Google almost has monopoly. It became a verb ‘google it’. Now, the LLM’s could potentially threaten its monopoly. Tech industry moves in platform shifts, if you see the second picture, you will instinctively realize, the most dominant company of the previous cycle didn’t retain their position/ market share, etc.

This is my long-term concern on Google, in any case, google is only 0.05% of my portfolio, so there is no serious economic impact.