Apple wins one for a change

And in China of all places:

Apple has won a lawsuit accusing it of abusing its dominant power in the app marketplace, with a Chinese court rejecting claims Apple’s App Store fees were too high.

In 2021, Jin Xin sued Apple China, insisting Apple stopped charging its 30% App Store commission. Xin also demanded that Chinese consumers should be allowed to use other payment systems than Apple’s own, as well as an apology and approximately $15,500 in compensation.

Three years later, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court sided with Apple, according to a yet-to-be-published judgment received by the South China Morning Post.

Wednesday’s decision by the court said that it had compared Apple’s commission fees with other app marketplaces. It didn’t find Apple’s fees to be “significantly higher” than those operating on Android.

It also determined there was no evidence to suggest that fees led to higher prices for consumers.