April is full of omens and portents

On April 8 a total eclipse of the sun will sweep across North America. Later in the month a comet will be visible to those with binoculars.


Today’s entry in “advertising dressed up as news”, was a “report” on the “news” that the Cedar Point amusement park will open for some sort of eclipse event.



We got a piece of mail from our county government making us aware that the eclipse may disrupt our cell phone service. This is not because of some electromagnetic effect of the eclipse. It is because there are so many people expected to be in the area to experience the 4 minutes of totality that they will be overtaxing our very limited cell service. For us that means our internet service may go away too. I hope everyone plays nice and has great memories to last a lifetime because it is going to be a long time before the next total eclipse crosses North America.


The same warning was put out in Oregon back in 2017. The weren’t any problems then.



Good to know. We experience mobile connection problems on fall weekends when the county fills up with leaf looking tourists. This is likely a YMMV issue.


Where we live, we will experience 3+ minutes of totality. We have the special glasses in case the clouds cooperate. Historically, we have 78% chance of cloud cover.

Even with that, we are being warned that travel will be very difficult during the days around the eclipse due to an influx of eclipse watchers. Haven’t heard anything about possible phone/internet issues.

Even curmudgeon me (and sweet Ms. Wolf) will be hosting out-of-town guests. I’m even compiling a play list of songs for the event (Here Comes the Sun, Fly me to the Moon, Who Loves the Sun, Bad Moon Rising, and many, many, more).


April is the cruellest month :unamused:

I enjoyed a two total eclipses in my life, one arduously in Germany fighting half of Europe all trying to get into the same place, and once in New England when it just simply came to me,
Just 200 kms or so north of my home in Mexico is the location in the Americas with the highest probability of clear skies and long totality. I am not going, The area is badly infested with quarreling armed gangs.
Enjoy it for me gang. I will live with my pretty good partial and probable misty sky.

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Is this for us, or the armed gangs?

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More omens and portents. I took this photo about 4pm today. I have a solar filter on my camera.

And a coronal mass ejection may give a spectacular auroral show tonight to those in the north.


Were there any problems?


Not for me. I haven’t been off our property since Saturday. (That’s not unusual.)The cell towers we connect to for our phone and internet service are on the side of the county away from where the crowds would be. I’ll let you know more when our weekly paper comes out in a few days.

Here’s the story from the local paper.