PSA Annular Solar Eclipse Oct 14

This site shows the time for Oct 14 solar eclipse.
Click the map at your location.

The time is UTC.
Gotta convert to your time.
For Austin TX area, it’s between 11:52 n 11:56 am.
Feel free to double check!

ralph will likely be at a church, so I’m planning a near religious experience.


I watched it at the time it was supposed to be maximum in my area but I didn’t have proper eye protection and the sun was too bright to even glance at.

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The sky was clear. There was a welder’s glass, but I chose the shadows.

We are on the eastern side, just out of the true path, so we didn’t get the circles, just 3/4 circle.

It never got really dark.
I was at a local Lutheran church, about 20 people.

The church has a Fall fundraiser tomorrow, and a bunch showed up today to prepare.



Here where I am in central Mexico we had 70% dimunition from a day of bright clear sunlight. One normally shy street dog out of all the hordes of dogs around here thought it was a very bad thing and started to howl. Others joined in and it built to a glorious cacaphony, and then the sun started to regain strength and they kept howling more and the sun came back to full strength and they were all very pleased with themselves…

Cause and effect.

david fb


What faithful dogs, doing something about the situation when those dumb, furless, two-legged members of their pack were just sitting there gawking - if they even noticed at all.

Good dog!


Not only dogs howl, turn on the news channels to hear other animals howling…very pleased with themselves! :heart_eyes:

The Captain