AMAVF hit a 52 week high today

photos of some of the type of parts being made……

I don’t know much about aerospace parts but I have 2 artificial hip joints myself and and have a medical background. The present hip joint market is an oligopoly but there is no doubt in my mind that the present near antique replacement joints will eventually be deeply impacted by EBM.
Instead of a solid lump of titanium a truss structure and more porous structure would be a vast improvement. There are reasons we build bridges that way. And why nature builds bones hollow rather than solid.


Thanks mauser,

I was encouraged by the rise in Arcam stock. I note this MF article touting rising demand for Ti products. I really like control of material supply in this space. It helps with margin maintenance. IMO…

I see no other news. Is there any stock analysis by anyone you know?

I also note that HP announced a collaboration with JNJ and PRLB for additive manufacturing of medical devices. HP multijet will hardly be for metals though. PRLB had separately talked about relationship marketing with JNJ in their 4Q CC that could be laser-sintered products. PRLB uses Concept machines; not EBM.

Long PRLB and AMAVF; no HP or JNJ
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Is there any stock analysis by anyone you know?

There isn’t a lot of Arcam traffic on TMF, although they have published articles about the company. The best source I’ve found is at iHub.…

There is not a lot of Arcam “stock” analysis around. But there is plenty of company analysis at… there are some excellent posters there. Some with good science backgrounds too.

I suspect a mini short squeeze recently.
HP is not a competitor at present or anytime soon.

Actually Arcam does not want to control the flow of titanium powder, because users of it’s machines want multiple raw material vendors
A problem has been getting enough quality powder because old line makers are set in their ways of producing low grade powder for things like glass and paint companies. Some of Arcam made powder is sold to other 3DP companies.


It seems like they are really delivering the goods right now unless the blizzard of announcements has been a PR strategy to deal with perceived HP disruption. With HP focusing in on Nylon and all of the other new processes offering 10-100x speed increases focused on polymers (like Carbon 3D’s CLIP etc), the threat doesn’t seem material right now and since ARCAM appears to be moving more and more into full manufacturing production, it looks good.

Their financials are coming along nicely and their technology advancements as well a capacity for continued growth seem well placed.

I continue to hold.

If anyone wants a play on HP but not the exposure to old-co, Materialise could be a good opportunity.


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