Has any one noticed entire 3D industry is down? Time to start a fresh position in Arcam?

Saul, I understand you were invested in this before, but not any more. I have not seen any substantial change in Arcam Orders.

WHat do others think?

Probably the market correcting itself…again, on last years 3d printing run up.
Arcam particularly hurts as it’s my biggest position. Wish I trimmed a bit more when Saul mentioned he was out, however I still really like the company and where they’re going. So the regret is just in not ‘timing’ the market. :slight_smile:

I see nothing but good news for the company.
Revenue growth last year was great, with more and more orders coming in. Profit lagged significantly, but then again they expanded their plant. This is what we want! It’s a significant expenditure, and it affects earnings, but it’s required.
Plus the $$$ they spent on R&D for high res and fast EBM. Hopefully some fast EBM machines start to come out this year.

I really like how they acquired the Canadian company to secure the titanium powder, as I understand that it’s quite difficult to make…anyone else know?

I’m still long this stock, despite this slow agonising bleed over the last few weeks. However I don’t think we’ll see the run-up we saw last year, unless they announce a big contract with a manufacturer. It’s just a 3d play on what I see as a solidly run company, doing all the right things to secure it’s place in this sector.

Saul, I understand you were invested in (Arcam) before, but not any more. I have not seen any substantial change in Arcam Orders.


Here’s what I wrote a month ago. I don’t think anything has happened to change my opinion.


After earnings I sold my Arcam, and now am out of all the 3D printing stocks. I made good profits on DDD and large profits on SSYS and huge profits on Arcam (Bought at $15 pre-split and sold at about $176 pre-split. That is, I sold half of my position at $196, then the rest at $156 pre-split or $39 post split).

XONE I only had a few days, once I realized that it was a money losing company, I sold it back.

I sold out of each of them because I thought the price and PE was way too high for the rate of growth.

Arcam I sold out of because their yearly revenue was up less than 10%, their yearly earnings were down from 16 cents to 15 cents (US), and at $40 per share, much as I love what the company is doing and its prospects, that’s ridiculous (selling at over 250 times earnings).

Please note, this is just what I did. It doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, or that 3D companies won’t do great. It’s just what I felt comfortable with.