Are sanctions on Russian crude working?

According to this article, more STS (ship-to-ship) transfers in Q2 2023

Russia oil in dark STS triples in Q2 as Western sanctions come into full force | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Elsewhere, I have read that Russia has bumped up output from Kozmino (export port in Asia) by 15-20%


Sarcasm publicly I thought we read a few days ago Russia and SA are cutting production.

The truth always looks different. Thanks for posting it.

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The article was about Q2 2023. Russia and SA may have well cut output this month- September is usually a maintenance month so some refineries are down.


Yep, I meant to come back and check the dates on that.

I have very serious doubts Russia can do without the money. But we have denied them so much of the margin they might try it to see if they can beat the Western Cartel.

I think the Western Cartel can find other producers. OPEC is full of tin-pot dictators who will take a payoff and sell unaccounted-for over-the-quota oil.

At first, we will all pay more. The lack of supply will be to India and China. That should cause an interesting set of realignments. India and China will need the Western Cartel to find more oil. Russia should not trust MBS he may supply it. Remember if MBS/SA supply India and China it is at a better markup for SA than what Russia is getting. Makes no difference to me if India and China need higher-priced oil. Then the price comes down if that happens because there is a supply.

As for Kim and Putin making a deal, there is no trust there either. Putin will take arms and not want a better-equipped nuclear power on his doorstep. He may even kill Kim in the process. Kim can not leave the meeting and talk garbage. That should be the first sign this ain’t a good idea for him.