ARM(H) starting to represent value again

I’ve been wanting the opportunity to get back into ARM ever since I had to sell out a few years back to involuntarily raise cash quickly (as mentioned).

In the meantime ARM was being threatened by the Intel mobile intentions as well as reaching ever higher levels of over-valuation.

But since the company has continued to grow earnings 20%+ and the share price is back to where it was several years ago it has grown into its valuation.

Imminent mobile threats from Intel seem to have receded somewhat, ARM seems to have secured a dominant position in IoT and has a chance at a niche position in servers.

I bought back a 1/3rd position in ARM with a small entry Monday morning (UK markets). If it keeps going down I will add to this below 8 GBP (or 40 in US ARMH speak).

I like their growth rates, the bottom line leverage, the cash generation, the PEG and now the price.