ARM Holdings IPO?

I’ve been a fan of ARM Holdings for a very long time…

There are many specialized chip makers and the industry is organized as a value chain of designers and merchant fabs, but two names stand out: Intel and ARM Holdings. They are the Gorillas: Intel of servers and PCs and ARM of portables. I first got interested in ARM Holdings (the company, not the stock) when Apple selected them to power the Newton. Ever since I have heard people say that Intel would eat their lunch. But it’s ARM Holdings that’s nibbling on Intel. The chip business was Intel’s to lose and they are slowly losing it, at least in mobile.

SoftBank reportedly seeking to raise up to $10B via ARM IPO

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I used to work at Arm, then moved to Nvidia just over a year ago. So not appropriate that I say too much. But will throw this out there: Arm liable for $8.5B SoftBank loan if IPO is a no-show • The Register


Thanks for the heads-up! This gives ARM util the end of September to IPO.

The accounts reveal that another subsidiary of Arm parent SoftBank entered into an agreement with financial intuitions in March 2022 to borrow $8 billion, providing 75.01 percent of Arm’s shares as collateral.

“A springing guarantee, naming Arm as the guantor, becomes effective on the triggering event of material breach or misrepresentation, an IPO not occuring within 18 monthgs of 31 March 2022 or such intention being announced. On trigger, future events of default fall to the company.”

BTW, I don’t buy IPOs. It’s better to wait until the stock settles down.

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