Article: Celsius is becoming very popular on Capitol Hill

  • Celsius, the suddenly-ubiquitous energy drink, is a favorite of Gen Z — and Capitol Hill.

  • It has twice as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, which is pretty much all you need to know about its appeal - it is also twice as cheap and doesn’t stain your teeth.

  • “Congress would probably go into a government shutdown without Celsius,” one reporter said.

-There is even a Celsius vending machine in the House of Representative’s basement. I’m hoping to see more of these around.

Victoria Knight on X: “Capitol Press Corps runs on Celsius. The new Celsius machine is with the other vending machines in the House basement! Doesn’t appear all the flavors are available yet bc had trouble ordering some of them but allegedly we’re gonna have a range. Game changer.” / X (

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Washington’s secret weapon is a beloved Gen Z energy drink with more caffeine than God | Business Insider Africa


I also love what Celsius is doing with its Fit Stops College Tour. Through these tours it is promoting fitness as well as the opportunity to try new Celsius flavors as part of a pre-workout routine.

Another interesting thing to note is that Gen Z drinks less than prior generations.

  • according to a 2018 study, Gen Z is reportedly drinking less alcohol than other generations that have preceded it. Four out of 10 people in the United States are sober-curious, so it’s the perfect time to lean into mocktail culture, ie an alcohol-free cocktail made with Celsius.


CELSIUS Fit Stops Bring The Fun (And Tasty) Side Of Fitness To College Campus (


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Denny Schlesinger


The only thing I see as a detriment to Celsius is that it uses stevia. I wish they would come out with a branded product that was stevia and artificial sugar free. Much like Waterloo does.



What is the detriment to stevia?


Stevia may also:

  • Affect the healthy bacteria in your stomach, causing gas and bloating
  • Raise heart attack and stroke risks, because it’s often mixed with erythritol, which has been found to increase these risks

Celh also has erythritol.



Actually, most Celsius products use sucralose, an artificial sweetener, but Celsius does have a Stevia line. I agree, artificial sweeteners could have negative health effects. I don’t personally use or drink anything with artificial sweeteners.

Stevia (or stevia extract) is considered to be a type of natural sweetener, while sucralose is an artificial sweetener. Natural sweeteners come from natural sources that contain calories and nutrients that are metabolized by the body. Sucralose may contribute to blood sugar/ insulin rises and may also negatively affect your gut health with regular consumption. So, it looks like Stevia may be healthier than Sucralose, but it might have some drawbacks as well - looks like you mentioned them above.

It would be great if Celsius could come out with more alternatives to Sucralose or Stevia.


Stevia is a plant, so it’s natural:

Back in Venezuela I got good quality dried stevia leafs from Paraguay. Locally grown one were not sweet at all. Most ‘stevia’ products are not pure stevia, they are some sweetener or other plus a bit of stevia. Read the labels!

Denny Schlesinger


This discussion on ingredients (ubiquitously found in many other foods in the world) hardly seems relevant to the company’s hypergrowth prospects. Can we please cease discussion on this?