Article on ELF in today's Washington Post


It’s obviously a lot of free publicity for them and should help sales.



The long-term hope for any purveyor of retail-consumer products is to capture young consumers as loyal customers, hoping they will be lifelong customers.

So along those lines, here is some interesting e.l.f. info:
Piper Sandler report:
"Taking Stock With Teens : 22+ Years Of Researching U.S. Teens: GenZ Insights: FALL 2023 "

( A survey of 9,193 teens…numbers below are relevant to teens, not to general population)

Interesting E.L.F. and/or other beauty/cosmetics/etc. info

  • “e.l.f. remains the No. 1 cosmetics brand, increasing 13 points Y/Y to 29% for female teens”
  • " Specialty Retail for beauty purchases reached the highest level yet at 79%, and mass/dept/drug reached a new low of 11% "
  • "Sephora surpassed Ulta for the No. 1 preferred beauty shopping destination (Ulta at No. 2) and held the strongest loyalty membership at 67% (Ulta at 60%) "
  • " (E.L.F.) also ranked No. 1 amongst upper-income teens for the third time in a row (+9 points Y/Y), and it maintained its No. 1 position amongst average-income teens for the sixth survey in a row (+14 points Y/Y).
  • " On the skincare side, e.l.f. continued to rank in the top 10, and it also made it into the top 10 beauty shopping destinations for the third time in a row. "
  • " Female spending on cosmetics was $127—up an impressive 33% Y/Y, including +29% Y/Y amongst upper-income females."

Also interesting is this *trend* related to how e.l.f. polls in the category "Cosmetics brands":
half-year e.l.f. rank percent mindshare
Spring 2022 e.l.f #1 at 13%
Fall 2022 e.l.f. #1 at 16%
Spring 2023 e.l.f. #1 at 22%
Fall 2023 e.l.f. #1 at 29%

And this trend related to their polling in the category "Skincare brands":
half-year e.l.f. rank percent mindshare
Spring 2022 e.l.f. not in the top 10 at 0%-ish
Fall 2022 e.l.f. not in the top 10 at 0%-ish
Spring 2023 e.l.f #9 at 1%
Fall 2023 e.l.f. #10 at 1%

e.l.f’s numbers for “shopping destinations” are similar to their “skincare brands” numbers e.g. for “shopping destinations” they recently broke the top-10, but just barely.

BONUS: some interesting Celsius info!

Celsius and other energy drinks

  • " Monster (28%), Red Bull (23%) and Celsius (16%) are teens’ favorite energy drink brands; Celsius at 16% is well above its ~10% market share "
    Celsius over-indexed with teens in our Fall 2023 survey. Of those who do consume energy drinks, 16% listed Celsius as their favorite energy drink brand vs. a ~10% market share in US measured retail scanner data (12 weeks ended 9/10/23). "
  • " Of the teens who favor Celsius, 23% plan to drink more over the next six months, slightly ahead of the amount of respondents who said the same for Monster (20%) or Red Bull (19%) "