As predicted, folks leaving

Posters on boards that are closing are starting to find alternatives to TMF. Discords are starting up. Alternatives sites being chosen.

If eyeballs are king - and they are in something like a discussion board - those eyeballs are leaving TMF. And if they leave to find help with their Apple devices or to discuss politics or to tell jokes, they’ll probably start discussing their finances in other places as well.

Hope you guys in charge are happy. Because your posters sure aren’t.



Hope you guys in charge are happy. Because your posters sure aren’t.

And the financial boards will suffer because of the substantial losses that will be occurring. Losing the spectrum-of-life-centered nonfinancial boards will impoverish the nature and depth of the TMF experience significantly, and you can be sure that many who frequent the financial boards will decide to find their guidance elsewhere.

To build a community because it helps attract users, a community that for years now has provided unique and invaluable support and relationship resources, and then erase it from existence because you’ve decided it’s no longer worth your while instead of finding a workable way to enable it, is basically looking up your own you-know-what.

Hoping there are enough reasonable and authoritative voices in management to reverse this very ill-taken decision. Or The Motley Fool will become, simply, The Fool.



TMF is looking to reduce the number of non-paying users and keep as many of the paying customers as possible. TMF has never been worried about “eyeballs”, they are looking at subscribers who pay for whatever they want.

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