Asia-US container rates

Continue slipping and nearly down to pre-pandemic rates.
Useful data point-
“Smaller carriers who operate smaller vessels – many of whom are paying expensive charter rates and were new entrants on the transpacific as spot rates spiked – and currently operate about a third of transpacific capacity may be the most exposed to falling prices making operations unprofitable,” Levine said.

Have read elsewhere that the big liner companies are making adjustments on some routes to factor in East coast ports. Don’t think those adjustments and the quoted factor above can be easily modeled in the short term.


Awrighty, an update to this post.
(On the container shipping side, HohumYNWA has his largest individual shipping investment, so I will dig up news from across the globe. This one from India on OOCL)
If one traces back Orient Overseas Container Lines (OOCL)'s ownership, you end up with Cosco (holding the 3rd spot in container shipping). I’m guessing this release is strictly OOCL’s results. Still, it is useful data.
Even though container volumes started declining in Q3, a couple of points

  1. Revenue increased
  2. Volume drop is not across all major routes (OOCL have 4 route groupings, and 2 still had volume increases)
    OOCL surpasses US$5 billion revenue in 2022 Q3 amid container volume drop - India Shipping News