Container shipping data - Dec 2022

You want trends? You got trends from this shipping segment
US Container traffic seems to be reverting to pre-pandemic levels -
Dec 2022 only 1.9% higher than Dec 2019

While the supply chain issues slowly seem to be easing, I wonder what happens at the US distribution ports? Seems like Los Angeles-Long Beach has already lost its top port ranking


Thank you! Always appreciate posts with data, and shipping is definitely not something I have paid much attention to, so I like these posts that are a different macro area for me personally!


Thank you mostlylong - I appreciate the comments. Personally, I didn’t take as much an interest in container shipping until about 18 months ago. Sure, I knew the big liner names (Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, Cosco) and had an idea on vessel sizes. My container shipping investments had mainly been in the second tier of companies (the leasing entities - Seaspan (now ATCO), NMM, SFL, etc). Actually, this is mainly because none of the main liner companies have opted to list on US exchanges.
But, it turns out, the container shipping sector is quite intriguing and complicated - there are “alliances”, blank sailings, some degree of secrecy on value-add and/or logistics, standard traffic routes vs spot trading, etc. Add to all that, environmental regulations (CII, EEXI) and a huge influx of new vessels over the next few years, and it starts being a messy pot.
Did one, or more, of the major liner companies overplay their hand? It has happened before (less than 7 years ago) and it would not be too unusual as shipping tends to go through cycles.

For now, though I do have a bloodied ZIM bet and a smaller lessor bet (GSL), it is just watch-and-wait.