At this rate it is an ethical lapse

Stanford University having an ethical lapse. To many faculty involved in this case. The entire thing is condoning criminal activity if you have one of their silver spoons from birth.


It’s not an ethical lapse at Stanford, it’s an ethical COLLAPSE throughout its entire administration and faculty.

As I mentioned previously…

So exactly what does one get when dropping $45,000+ per year for attending some of America’s elite institutions? Any exposure to ethics? Any overarching insight that even if you’re only a technical person writing software, if you’re creating logic in accounting systems that initiate trades without logs, you might be participating in a felony? Does anyone believe the PARENTS of these actors didn’t understand the risk of creating new fangled banking systems without any legitimate outside auditor and mention concerns to their children? If not, WHY ARE THEY TEACHING at these institutions?

There’s one extra factor for Stanford University and its alumni to ponder as well. Because SBF made bail via his parent’s pledge of a home, his bail terms require him to stay in his parent’s home essentially under house arrest with an electronic ankle tracker. His parents’s home is actually ON the campus of Stanford University, right across from the president’s mansion. Because of SBF’s high profile, the university has beefed up security and closed some campus streets to traffic to keep away press and the curious. I wonder if this will make alumni think twice the next time an endowment fund raiser email shows up in their inbox. Am I funding cutting edge research and top-notch undergrad education with my donation or am I paying for a university to operate a “Camp Cupcake” jail to protect an alum who traded on my school’s name to steal billions and tarnished my degree?