Australia: Green hydrogen to be blended with natural gas


If H2 and NG are blended in a pipeline, does the pipeline (including valves/control systems) need upgrading to reduce or eliminate leakage? A quick google search yielded mixed results.

Also… and this seems like a dumb question to/from me… is there any issue in maintaining a fairly homogeneous mix of the gases in transit? I would think that would be a concern with storage. And I wonder if either of those are affected across temperature extremes like in the arctic (not an Aussie issue).


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Hydrogen and natural gas are both gases that liquify at very low temperatures. I would expect them to blend completely in all proportions and no tendency to separate unless liquified. So in a gas pipeline, that is not likely to be an issue.

They do talk about hydrogen embrittlement of steel. That might limit the amount of hydrogen that can be present. But not likely a problem at low levels. One would hope people somewhere are looking into those limits.


I believe the following is an excellent source for answers to your questions.