Visual Capitalist: H2 Fuel Cells & EVs

Just saw this but I’m heading out into the yard to sweat behind the mower. Will look at this later when I’m powering down after a cold shower.…

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A nice rah, rah for hydrogen fuel cells to electricity for electric vehicles.

The main thing is usually economics. Hydrogen continues to be expensive. If electricity is cheap electrolysis can give low cost green hydrogen. Blue hydrogen from natural gas capturing carbon dioxide is iffy. Can you store that much carbon dioxide forever?

New technology to crack natural gas to hydrogen and carbon black may be a good choice, but economics need to be proven.

Big problem with hydrogen is storage. Usually compressed in heavy cylinders. Cylinders often weigh more than the hydrogen they contain. Liquid hydrogen very cold. Not very practical. Flammable hydrogen boils off in storage requiring ventilation and careful handling.

Conversion to ammonia for shipment and handling has been suggested. Ammonia easily converted to hydrogen and nitrogen when hydrogen is needed. Methanol has also been suggested as a hydrogen equivalent.

Converting natural gas pipelines to carry hydrogen could be best solution. Blending hydrogen with natural gas as a fuel could be practical. Hydrogen is a small molecule making it possible to split the hydrogen out of the mixture when you want hydrogen. Could be the most practical way to ship hydrogen long distances.

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