Autonomous Driving Stocks - Limited

Time - or not - to invest in Autonomous Driving Tech?

Ok…while I don’t think we’re all going to be riding in the back of driverless cars, doing whatever else we may be occupied with while cruising down the highway - at least anytime soon; I have come to believe that there is substantial future niche to the concept that may bloom sooner rather than later. In fact - as many of you smarter folks already know, its budding out, if not fully blooming, even as I write this.

Specifically, the opportunity for autonomous transportation is already edging its way across the country as well as already debuting on par the world stage. There are test programs in San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin Tx, and many other cities. And inner city autonomous transportation is the immediate niche I am looking at. We outliers - by distance as well as age, will not be ditching our vehicles for a driverless vehicle any time soon. And before you TSLA folks throw that particular company at me - keep in mind that TSLA does not feature driverless tech (although it is working on what it calls Robo-Taxi) - it requires an alert driver in the vehicle to monitor things - such as they might develop.

The problem with investing in Autonomous Driving - as far as I can figure out, is simply trying to figure out where to place your investments: there are a great many companies working on this and all have something appealing that you could hang your hat on. Here are the ones I am vaguely familiar enough with but just enough to lose a great deal of money:

  1. TSLA

TSLA doesn’t depend on radar or LIDAR or whatever you call it: TSLA features a number of cameras to monitor the road along with the software to react to changing traffic conditions.

Pro: First Mover - Elon - Experience.

Con: High Valuation

  1. APPLE

Apple has been rumored to be developing an autonomous driving vehicle for some time. Their history of excellent product design, leading tech along with spectacular consumer appeal would pop their stock further into the stratosphere.

PRO: Its Apple

CON: The Fool has been speculating on a new Apple product for years that has never appeared.

  1. GOOGL

Sure their bread and butter is search and advertising but they already have an operational autonomous driving vehicle: Alex - I’ll take What is Waymo One for $500. Waymo One is now operational in both Phoenix and San Francisco:…

PRO: Waymo is already successful and ready to continuously expand

CON: Eventually Google will spin Waymo off but for now you have to buy Google to get a piece of Waymo.

  1. GM

GM is fully committed to the EV movement and owns about 75-80% of a company called Cruise:…

Cruise is fully operational in San Francisco and has an agreement with Walmart to provide self-driving grocery delivery. They also partner with Honda.

PRO: GM is fully preparing for an EV future and no one would say they are overvalued.

CON: It’s GM

  1. INTC

INTC bought a company called Mobileye which is a candidate for Most Highly Anticipated IPO of the Year with a semi-scheduled IPO sometime in the middle of 2022. The company originally went public back in 2014 and was acquired by INTC sometime in 2017.…

PRO: They are a serious contender with proven Israeli developed Technology.

CON: Buying into this IPO is gonna cost so sky high coin.

Note: I believe that if you are an Intel shareholder you will have access to Mobileye shares. Have to check that out.

Others to explore:

Baidu - Apollo




Comma, AI


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Partnered with Ford, Walmart, Volkswagen and LYFT. Their tech is in the Ford Escape Hybrid and the Volkswagen BUZZ.

PRO: Have current developing commercial operations in Germany and expected to IPO in 2022.



NVDA should/will be a major player in AV.



And a bunch more

I made bank on nvda in 2015/2016, largely due to the growing dc gou story. They were talking AV a ton back then, but i always felt it was too soon.

I should never have sold, but future is still bright, but they have a mammoth mkt cap at moment. Next two things for them i see are AV and metaverse. Gaming will be a cash cow if not growth engine. DC should grow on pace w cloud and big data. Someday, quantum computing could disrupt the gpu, but not anytime too soon.

I keep nvda on my shortlist but the stock since may 2021 is still bloated imo. I am also hoping that they had a big crypto boost like they did back in 2018 that led to stock falling when crypto faded. Perhaps we can hear news of more crypto fading and they take a hit at a future ER and an oppty presenta itself to go long.


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Hi Dreamer:

Good point on NVDA. I had them on the original list I collected but got bored with the post and stopped before I got to them. But…as you point out its hard to imagine any scenario involving AI that they would not be in the middle of. Still…as you point out, it’s that dang valuation; but even so, for the last 8 months or so NVDA has bounced off the $200 - $212 range several times. So while that may or may not be a legitimate support level - it certainly has the potential for a nice bounce from here - albeit perhaps a short term respite. That would take a certain amount of 'Damn the torpedos" courage in this market.

All the Best,