Autonomous Driving Trend, but not in Cars

Most of us are aware of the trend in autonomous vehicles. Tesla, GM Cruz, and several others. But in some instances we already have self-driving vehicles. Caterpillar has a 250-ton self-driving dump truck for use at industrial mining operations, already in use. But there are other areas where self-driving is coming of age, and that is agriculture. Consider DE and AGGO:

I already have a stake in FPI to play the food industry. I started a stake in DE yesterday and adding AGCO today, both as food plays but also robotics plays.

Immigration (legal and otherwise) is an important part of our food production. I know of farmers in north Texas who both despise illegal immigration and also employ (willingly) illegal immigrants. It’s a conundrum for sure. Block the illegal immigrants or stop them from working our farms and you’ll see food inflation that makes what we have now look like a discount. One solution to that is to simply need fewer farm workers, and automation is one way to get there.


A couple days ago in Winco Foods we saw a floor-sweeper that was being driven by a teddy bear.