AWS loves CrowdStrike

The PR officially positions this as extending their strategic partnership. But let’s be clear: the big news is how AWS loves CrowdStrike’s own cloud security suite so much they have widely adopted it.

AWS has adopted Crowdstrike’s cloud security suite heavily, using CNAPP, ITDR, & SIEM to replace several point products. Crowdstrike is in turn using AWS Bedrock and SageMaker to access Anthropic Claude (for its Charlotte AI).

This was clearly the 8 figure deal with “a leading hyperscaler” highlighted last call.

CEO in remarks: “A leading hyperscaler grew its use of Falcon Cloud Security, praising our Linux capabilities. This large eight-figure transaction takes us deeper into the account where we’re not only on every device, but now across large parts of their cloud. The win extends CrowdStrike leadership in securing the world’s largest clouds.”

CEO later at MS TMT conf: “It’s very hard to create an agent at scale and do that in a short period of time that any large cloud provider or infrastructure is going to install and use, because it’s just so sensitive to be running in those environments.”

Every major hyperscaler has a preferred security platform now:

  • Google Cloud + Palo Alto (partnership)
  • Azure + Microsoft’s own security suite in Entra & Defender
  • AWS + CrowdStrike (adoption & partnership)

This is huge validation of their CNAPP product, and shows how they have leveraged their expertise in endpoint (host security) into cloud (containers, serverless, etc). I love to see a leader in one area spread their platform to become a leader in other areas. And not just CNAPP, but this is also validation of their next-gen SIEM capabilities (acquired in Humio). Amazon has its own Security Data Lake product over S3, and has opted to put CrowdStrike as the SIEM (security analytics) over it.

And this really opens up some good marketing oppo here… cloud protection & SIEM (over S3 data lakes) that are so good the leading cloud uses it. What better way to say “we protect your cloud assets in AWS better than anyone else”.