AYX Q3 Earnings

This is my first post and turned out to be a roller coaster ride.  I checked this morning to find
out how Q3 earning went for Alteryx.  I have a small position used to keep an eye on this stock.

First blush, Alteryx EPS beats by $0.25, beats on Revenue is the headline.  So far so good, the
body of the announcements gives the specifics.

I go to the Earnings Call and this is the lead from Mark Anderson (CEO) "Overall, the team
delivered solid results in our fiscal third quarter of 2020. We actually did the quarter with
approximately $450 million of ARR, up 38% year-over-year. We now have close to 7,000 customers
across 90 countries, including 38% of the Global 2000. Our net expansion rate was 124% and an even
stronger 135% in the Global 2000."

Quoted from the transcript from SeekingAlpha and again so far so good.

Now for the numbers

	        Q1,19	Q2,19	Q3,19	Q4,19	Q1,20	Q2,20	Q3,20
Customers	4,973	5,278	5,613	6,087	6,443	6,714	6,955
QoQ		        6%	6%	8%	6%	4%	4%
YoY					        30%	27%	24%
DBNER	        134%	133%	132%	130%	128%	126%	124%
ARR	        281.9	306.7	326.3	372.8	404.9	432.3	449.5
QoQ		        9%	6%	14%	9%	7%	4%
YoY					        44%	41%	38%

The numbers suggest that growth is going in the wrong way, looking at both QoQ (Quarter over
Quarter) or YoY (Year over Year).

This also explains why the stock is down 9.64% in the Premarket.  I haven't gone through the rest
of the earnings call and will visit the Q&A over the weekend, but I am pulling the plug completely
on this "keeping an eye on this stock" and getting out.  The new CEO needs to correct the direction
of this ship.

Thanks MacDaddy1158!

Straight forward this could bode well for the companies(ZM,SNOW,CRWD,DDOG,NET,DOCU) who have seen an acceleration through this periods as AYX Q3 has seen the biggest deceleration.


Pablo Ahlers

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