Hi All,

I started to do a deeper dive into Alteryx after picking up a few shares last week. When I started looking at Gartner and a few other rankings, I was pretty shocked to find just how many companies play in this space. Of course, I was aware of IBM, MSFT, CRM, DATA, SPLK, QLIK and MicroStrategy. But, in one report, I saw a paragraph (Oh, MongoDB) about 4 inches thick that just players separated by commas. And some of these companies must be for real. As an example, Bert talks about Gartner’s First ever peer rankings. AYX got gold, Domo got bronze. Domo? And Sensi got honorable mention?

Something that I found interesting. Gartner has about 20 or so players in its Analytics and BI quadrants. I expected to see AYX as a leader. Doesn’t even show up period. Evidently, it is classified in Analytics and Machine Learning, which evidently means a whole other group of players. And when I searched Google, in 3 seconds I found another company that I had never heard of that claimed advanced data analytics and machine learning engine.

Now, this stuff is becoming easily deployed SaaS. Please tell me how to feel confident how any company can maintain a CAP for more than 18-24 months. I have my doubts.

Thanks much,