Back to the NFT conquest

There were two stumbling blocks with NFTs in 2022 for me personally. The first was the coding of a smart contract. During the mania the gurus were going crazy explaining things. Not a good cocktail for learning. The second was the equivalent of picking up a new utility bill for the rest of my life namely paying for storage every month.

Those items have been resolved. Storage is free to me and the coding greatly minimized.

In my travels I happened upon an excellent young man on YouTube who more recently explained the hows of doing everything.

I thought I will share his channel with you.

Reece Hunter, he is very articulate.


@Leap1 how did your NFT enterprise work out? Did you sell any? In crypto or USD?

Wendy (wishing you the best)


Only now in the next five to seven weeks going to find out.

Since this is risky I did not want to have a storage bill forever. A year later that has been resolved by the companies in the space. I will have no storage bills.

The smart contract is now easier to work out and line up. That was a hairy mess last year that I did not want to engage.

There are now fewer issues I need to look into. I have some reassurances. Opensea is interested in my project so an API key should be easy to obtain. The API automates the launch of the NFTs on Opensea with the smart contract.

Note other than outlining it I am keeping this separate from this audience. The money involved in public. I am keeping the actual earnings separate from these discussions.

The more important on topic part of this is the outline of selling NFTs or dealing with cryptos.

I do need to go back into coinbase which is more than surviving and hold a little Eth in my wallet to get that API key.

There is also an overlap in the coding of the contract with the coding of the game indirectly. I need Visual Studio Coding for the contract. I need Visual Studio IDE for the game. I need my gitHub account for both. The spanning of different tools is similar. I am much more comfortable with all of these tools now. The code is different but a javascript is not that different from C# that it matters much.


Will you post a link to your offerings, so we can see your art?

I asked Leap last year and he declined.



Sorry no. The going prices will be on the art. It is public. My reporting will be scat. Meaning success or fail I wont have much of a horn to blow here.

It would be like opening up my bank account or my equity portfolio. While others occasionally have done it here I do not believe in doing that.

Fair enough. Maybe when you’re done with the NFT sales, you can post a link to one of your pieces, so we can see what your work looks like.

That comes with the prices.

This is an outtake of some of the animated glasswork. This is called spittoon.

Cool! Is that entirely computer generated?

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Yes and that is a particle ball that brakes open when it hits the bottom and then swells and falls with waves. The animation runs 15 seconds. I have ten prototypes and nineteen versions of each, 200 in total.

interesting! Do you mind if I ask what the yellow text in the corner says? I can’t read it. Is that your “brand”?


Opensea has seen my work and told me it is very interesting. I wrote back a few weeks ago asking to get the right ERC721 standard set up. Today Opensea invited me to an online symposium for just that and more. This is for Wednesday afternoon this week. Timing is everything. Part of this is on how to work a drop.